About Dr John Molphy

Dr Molphy has worked as a lecturer and clinical practitioner in exercise physiology for the past 6 years, during this time he has also worked overseas in Qatar, at a World-leading Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, establishing and running a respiratory physiology laboratory for elite athletes.


Prior to this Dr Molphy spent 5 years completing both his MSc. and his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University under the supervision of Professor Greg Whyte​. Whilst completing these qualifications he gained expertise in exercise physiology, respiratory physiology, strength and conditioning and also nutrition, having been taught by World-leaders in each of the respective fields.


Throughout, John has worked closely with elite athletes in many different disciplines, consulting on various topics within sports science and medicine. This work has been at many levels from county level athletes through to international and professional athletes.

Dr Molphy is now offering his expertise in exercise phsiology, strength and conditioning and nutrition to help clients achieve their personal fitness goals!


Methods and Services

Here at Molphy Exercise and Nutrition we have formulated a variety of tried and tested methods to suit every individuals' needs. With the experience and knowledge of thousands of scientific articles we have been able to iron out the facts about exactly what it takes to achieve desired health and fitness goals.


We work directly with clients to overcome any obstacles that they may face during their fitness journey. Every client recieves a personalised experience and no two programmes are the same, because no two individuals are exactly the same. In this way, we can ensure that every client is able to achieve their desired goals!

Talking on phones

1 : 1 Initial Consultation

You will recieve a personalised experience right from the very start. Simply book in your free phone consultation with Dr John Molphy to discuss your goals!

Diet Plan

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Given your specific needs, a nutrition plan will be designed that fits your goals and your lifestyle, giving you flexibility and control, enabling you to progress towards your goal!

Personalised Exercise Plan

Given your exercise requirements and ability level, an exercise plan will be formulated that fits your needs. Empowering you to reach your targets! 

Fitness Tools

Guidance and Support

We will work together to log and monitor your progress. We will then hold regular meetings to share insights, highlight what is working for you and correct what is not, ensuring that you achieve your desired goal!

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About the Company

People often approach me asking for my expertise in exercise and nutrition, wanting to discuss issues that they are facing with their diet or training. They often ask whether I can provide some guidance, or insight, given my indepth knowledge in the area. During these conversations we are able to discuss barriers, beliefs and expectations regarding fitness and nutrition, finding the appropriate solution to any problems that are faced.


I come away from these conversations with a greater understanding of challenges that people face and how to overcome them, but also I find that there is a consistent underlying problem. This underlying problem is that people are overwhelmed with information from various sources, often conflicting, sometimes dangerous, frequently misinterpreted. The solution is that talking through the advice with an expert provides clarity, dispels myths and empowers the individual to make better choices.

It is for this reason that I decided to create Molphy Exercise and Nutrition (M.E.A.N). I am passionate about helping people to achieve their personal fitness goals, every individual I work with inspires me and every success story motivates me to help more people. No journey is exactly the same, therefore every plan I create is unique, there are many reasons why people may struggle on their personal fitness journey, often this may be due to unrealistic expectations, or a lack of focus when faced with obstacles, however with the right guidance it is possible to overcome these and keep striving forwards to achieve success!

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